beware of the jackals…

The jackals live amongst us, They lurk in our streets with no fear. And they see us before we even see them near. To catch a jackal in your sights is convoluted. Jackals present themselves as friends, relatives and sometimes they’re equipped with a tear. Jackals come in all shapes and sizes, and because at […]

the derailing of religion

Religion is now simply too obvious to see as anything but a will, albeit oft now a shroud for paedophiles, but also a way for a minority to judge, manipulate and cajole the majority. To think religion is the reason gay people can’t marry must surely make all gays clear that they are still not […]

oh to be in heaven

Will heaven free me of my painful memories from life on earth? How can heaven be pain free unless my oppressors are appropriately punished (and by “punished” I mean “I decide” their punishment)?  Otherwise my pain threshold would have to differ in heaven, but wouldn’t that change things for me conscientiously? Surely if there was […]

who owns you

Fretting about your future Never seemed so ridiculous, What future?   The die is cast, All life ends. Period. Fret about life, and live.