Sun, Smiles and Skirts; The oxygen of youth, Never doubting my place on earth, I didn’t have to be the responsible one. Parents full of contradictions, and threats to make me comply, surrounded by relatives who really cared not. Schools never felt right for me, So I quietly just accepted my lot. With no contemplation […]

living with a pity party

Upon waking in the morning, To when your eyes close at night, If you’re living with a Party Party, You never really say goodnight.   It’s a funny story to tell, It always starts out so well, If you happen to hook up with a Pity Party, You’ll find your life going swell.   But […]

into the darkness of my mind

As I stand in this place of no consequence, the new puppy runs freely around my feet, it’s late, I’m waiting, waiting. The cool evening breeze causes my goosebumps to arise, And the evening sky is scattered with bright stars that capture my impatient mind, But it is the swirling of the wind surrounding me […]

If only Hitler only knew how wrong he was

The cruelty of some, is too unbelievable to believe. To harm an innocent, to take their life, to torture their last days, this is not right. As I tuck my kids into their warm beds, switch off their iPad and pat the dog goodnight, my mind flashes to a mother being separated from her child, […]

a tear for daniel

I oft wonder how the sun rised on that morning, did the birds sing the same way, did the car start as usual? Or were there tiny signs from above of the tragedy that lay ahead? It is not my journey, nor that of a friend, But I feel his loss as deep as can […]

who owns you

Fretting about your future Never seemed so ridiculous, What future?   The die is cast, All life ends. Period. Fret about life, and live.

beware of the jackals…

The jackals live amongst us, They lurk in our streets with no fear. And they see us before we even see them near. To catch a jackal in your sights is convoluted. Jackals present themselves as friends, relatives and sometimes they’re equipped with a tear. Jackals come in all shapes and sizes, and because at […]

the derailing of religion

Religion is now simply too obvious to see as anything but a will, albeit oft now a shroud for paedophiles, but also a way for a minority to judge, manipulate and cajole the majority. To think religion is the reason gay people can’t marry must surely make all gays clear that they are still not […]

oh to be in heaven

Will heaven free me of my painful memories from life on earth? How can heaven be pain free unless my oppressors are appropriately punished (and by “punished” I mean “I decide” their punishment)?  Otherwise my pain threshold would have to differ in heaven, but wouldn’t that change things for me conscientiously? Surely if there was […]