The jackals live amongst us,

They lurk in our streets with no fear.

And they see us before we even see them near.

To catch a jackal in your sights is convoluted.

Jackals present themselves as friends, relatives and sometimes they’re equipped with a tear.

Jackals come in all shapes and sizes,

and because at first you don’t know Jackals from the rest of us,

You need to wear an extra veneer.


If you’re unfortunate enough to married a jackal, think yourself lucky that divorce is one court case away.

But to live without meeting a jackal,

It’s impossible.

As there are more of them than us with zeal.

You see jackals start out like any one of us

and simply evolve that way over the years.

Bit of nature, bit of nurture, who knows, does it matter?

And there’s always the epic camouflaged jackals, one colour for you, another colour for another.

Their changing appearance makes them especially evil and effective.

But to us we see the jackal’s colours all too clear.

So how do you defend yourself from a jackal if you find one has come too near?

Alas three things will free you of the death-hold of jackal;

Indifference; happiness and fear.

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