The cruelty of some, is too unbelievable to believe.

To harm an innocent, to take their life, to torture their last days, this is not right.

As I tuck my kids into their warm beds, switch off their iPad and pat the dog goodnight, my mind flashes to a mother being separated from her child, hungry, confused, frightened and moments from their death.

There is no word to describe this pain.

Why would you do this?  Surely you know not of the meaning of life.

If you had no other person to love, and no other person to love you, then what is there but survival.  But if you have love, then why would you deprive another from it.

Is love so elusive it can get lost in translation?  Surely one’s goal should be more love, not hate.  We can hold grudges, sure, but to kill out of spite, or for personal gain, or the hardest crime to understand of all – for no reason at all, this surely would render you incapable of love.

If your choices meant that you harmed another who had done you no wrong, in the belief it would better your life, then you have missed the point of life.

The point of life is not to conquer, not to rule, not to exterminate those who you are frightened of but do you no wrong, not to intimidate, not to make others bow to you.

When your eyes can say I care for you, I’m happy you are here, I want nothing but good for you, I want you to be happy, forever – then you know the meaning of life.

Once you have found the meaning of life, this should be your motivation for all your future life endeavours.

Sure, wars will be fought, but only against the Hitlers who are yet to understand the meaning of life, and jeopardise ours lives.

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