As I stand in this place of no consequence, the new puppy runs freely around my feet, it’s late, I’m waiting, waiting.

The cool evening breeze causes my goosebumps to arise,

And the evening sky is scattered with bright stars that capture my impatient mind,

But it is the swirling of the wind surrounding me that entices me to now close my eyes.

What am I doing, how am I feeling, am I single, do I have money in the bank, where am I working tomorrow, what do I weigh, am I happy.

I see I’m ok, I see there is food in the kitchen, the sheets are clean, I have a job.

But I feel lonely as I know not yet my children, but I smile now knowing they are coming.

I wish all my mistakes be gone, I wish all my insecurities didn’t make as vulnerable as they have, I wish some friends would come visit, and I wish my mum could see me now.


Time to go inside, the kids are waiting to say goodnight.

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