Religion is now simply too obvious to see as anything but a will, albeit oft now a shroud for paedophiles, but also a way for a minority to judge, manipulate and cajole the majority.

To think religion is the reason gay people can’t marry must surely make all gays clear that they are still not accepted by the very religions under which they worship.

Surely gays and single parents (by choice) realise they are all in the eyes of the church needing “help” rather than “support” to find happiness and acceptance.

How peculiar is it then that many gays and single parents still continue to claim a faith as theirs.  Is it not the divine message of rejection and yet they continue their alliance?  Is it their ignorance or desperation to “fit in” that makes them so obviously juxposed?

The answer must be yes, because their alliance continues to this day.  Their “protests” and their “petitions” fall on death ears, the ears of the ones they worship.

But the voice of reason is clear and succinct, you are not worthy, the bible says so.

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